Monday, February 24, 2014

How To Start Selling

Joining the right affiliate program has never been easier. The following guide will teach you how to sell electronic cigarettes and earn money.

How much can i earn?

It depends on what brand your selling and how much the item was. For example if your a V2 Cigs Affiliate, which pays a 20% commission, and a $159 starter kit sells you'd earn $32. The more sales the more money you make.

Making your first sale

The best way to make your first sale(s) is to post a link on your Facebook. This can be shared, liked, and commented on by other people who share an interest. If you are more experienced you can make your own websites, post in forums, and upload video reviews to YouTube.

Click here for a list of the best Electronic Cigarette Affiliate Programs

Promote Videos Get Paid

If you are a vapor anyways this should be a no brainer. When your vape mail arrives take out your video camera and videotape a product demonstration. Tell people exactly what to expect when their mail arrives. This will teach people what they want to know before they make a purchase. Attach a link and make sure you get the lead.

Make a plan

Your plan should include what you will talk about, how you will present, and other pointers such as how much things cost, battery life, etc.

Uploading to YouTube

This can seem tricky but its actually quite easy. When you finish your video you can upload it directly from YouTube, providing you have access to a computer. If your using a smart phone this can be a very easy process. 

Affiliate List

Below are a list of the best affiliate programs I've found. Each of them i have and still am an affiliate for.

V2 Cigs

  • 15% - 25% commission per sale
  • Real time commission notification
  • PayPal offered
  • Multi Tier available 


  • 7% commission per sale
  • More popular and larger size sales.
  • Bank wire option
  • Multi Tier available. 

South Beach Vaporizers

  • 20% commission per sale
  • High conversion rate
  • Bank transfer option
  • Multi Tier available.

Volcano Electronic Cigs

  • 10% commission per sale
  • 24/7 live tracking
  • Bank transfer available
  • Multi Tier available